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Scrap Clearance

Scrap Clearance


Scrap Clearance

We are providing professional scrap clearance services in London & Surrey. Our scrap clearance service is harmless, quick, and reasonable. We remove all the scrap metal equipment, metal furniture, metal elements, boilers, washing machines, and other electrical equipment that you have inside or outside the premises. Here at Rubbish and Garden Clearance, you are certain a professional service.

Confirming we reach one place at a time suitable to our clients we will carefully remove all scrap waste at a licensed scrap transfer site.

Using Rubbish and Garden Clearance as a low-cost solution for scrap metal removals cleared from both commercial and residential we will confirm the most efficient price is applied to any scrap clearance.

Helping save customers costs Rubbish and garden Clearance regularly scrap clearance from industrial building sites, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices pubs, and homes. Ensuring we recycle as many types of scrap waste as possible.

Our Clearance team is specially trained scrap clearance operatives. This means that they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to remove the metal from the evidence quickly and respectfully. Our simple, hassle-free metal clearance facility will help you to remove all your scrap.

We can provide a scrap clearance service that suits you and your requirements. You can trust our scrap clearance service to get the job done.

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