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Garden Clearance

Garden Clearance


Garden Clearance

We are excited to announce our professional garden clearance service. We are offering quick garden waste removal to clean your garden as new. Any type of job, when we are at your service, we do it with full professionalism. We can remove anything whether it’s your old garden furniture, rusted metal sheds, wooden sheds, landscaping waste, bags of topsoil, or log cabins.

Why don’t just get rid of your garden waste and get your garden cleared as new? Our professional garden clearance London & Surrey team can arrive at your place with the garden waste removal trucks and remove your garden waste in one day. You also get rid of acquiring skip permits or filling skip permits yourself by getting our services. By not giving time to acquire a skip permit, you not only save your money and time but also get rid of the stress. Our garden clearance team does the heavy lifting and all the work, so you don’t have to do it yourself or pay extra money to laborers for the task. It would be a great deal if you will have our service.

We are providing removal and disposal of all types of garden clearance services in London & Surrey. This can include shrub cuttings, cut down trees, pruned bushes, grass-cutting, and so on. Please keep in mind that if you have heavy waste such as soil in your garden refuse, you will be charged according to the weight instead of volume. Our rubbish trucks have the capacity of carrying 1000-1200 (almost a ton) kg of waste. So, let’s take an example, if you have a ton of soil that you want us to remove or dispose of, this would be almost equal to 40 rubble bags filled with soil. So, our truck would be at full capacity and will not be able to take any more waste. So, we have to take it to the recycling center, unload it and we have to charge you for a full load. Please feel free to contact us for prices and further information as our friendly and professional garden clearance staff would be happy to assist you.

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